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I'm Kitty, 22, Pansexual, single; and this is a mostly Star-Trek Blog. For the most part I blog Spirk, McKirk, McSpirk, stucky, Uhotty, and some Spuhura. Ranging TOS-AOS, I like other trek genre's too, blogging it's philosphy on human rights. I'm an activist, Feminist, artist, floral designer, linguist, entreprenuer and writer! Other things on my blog that may show up: Destiel, Johnlock, Harley-Ivy, Bubbline, Fem!bends, Dr. Who, and general space/sci-fi banter.

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    'i deserve to wear the crown'

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    'i deserve to wear the crown'

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    'i deserve to wear the crown'

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    Male rape victim talks about why he finds male rape funny at the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret in June of 2012.

    Full Video: [x]

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    I was about to get kind of upset untill I finished it to the end. Its so true though.

    I swear I’ve reblogged this before.


    The look of pain in his eyes at the end

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    It kinda feels personal.

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    Whether you’re scared of getting into a relationship; or taking the new job; or a confrontation - you have to size fear up.”

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    Best Space Photography of 2013, space agencies NASA

    In 2013, the various space agencies NASA, Hubble Heritage, ou ESA and other structures dedicated to the observation of stars were able to provide snapshots of incredible beauty. Whether to show planets, galaxies, nebulae, solar flares, discover a selection of different images in the future.

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